Amatoria - Ignite Your Senses

Amatoria - Ignite Your Senses

39,95 A$

Amatoria Soy Wax Candle -

Ignite your senses with this sensual blend of ancient oils infused into natural soybee wax, cotton wick and glassware that will have you gasping. Alluring and ambient, your candle holds within it an ancient aphrodesiac to secretly transform your space and enhance your boudoir. 

With a generous 300 gm luxe serving your candle will burn for 45+ hours. 100% recyclable and reusable materials, Australian Made and handpoured.
What does the scent hold?  Well its a little bit of when Harry Met Sally and layers of triple scented oohh and ahhh. 

We can't tell you because then it wouldn't be a secret, so I guess the best thing is to try it for yourself. 

(Hint, it starts with a pop of rose and a hint of ylang ylang, then moves into the deeper throws of smoky warm amber,  and then... well it just keeps going. 

Please ensure you read all burning instructions when purchasing in our terms and conditions.