Our Story

Angel Sent Candles are all handpoured and infused with only the very best ingredients to ensure purity and quality. 
Created over 12 years ago by Kirsten Macdonald, the candle range grew to an entire aesthetic of ambience, natural scent and beautiful pieces that uplift and accentuate your special space. 
Our soywax-beeswax special blend supports Australian Registered Apiarists and supporting our bee community alive and well. All natural and cured in beautiful recylable and reusable glassware Angel Sent Aromatherapy also encapsulated Mother Nature at her best. 
Our online store uses Stripe payment methods and a secure online shopping environment. 
After a short hiatus, Kirsten revisited re-opening the studio as email after email, message after message from beautiful customers wanting Angel Sent to return. No longer a stockist to over 600+ Angel Sent is now a small batch boutique offering and a love pursued between caring for her homestead hobby farm family and writing. 
Email: shopangelsent@gmail.com for enquiries. 
"Exceptional products with high quality ingredients, efficient delivery, careful packing of orders, excellent customer service and supports local charities on a regular basis." - Nate 
"There is no way to describe the experience. The smell is Devine, the quality is amazing, the service even better!!!! If I could shout how amazing this business is from the roof, I would!!!" - Simone 
"Divine, these natural essential oil soy candles are just divine! The service is fabulous, the Candle Maker is always willing to answer questions and what great gifts they make. I can't go past the Melissa May Chang, Pear Persimmon, the list goes on.... I have to admit I have an addiction, the Facebook markets are awesome, where it's get in first or miss out!!" - Burylicious 
"I absolutely love these candles and melts!!! I get so excited when they arrive and they make my house smell amazing :-). I have found Kirsten great to deal with as she is really helpful and promptly replies to any of my questions. So many beautiful scents and blends to choose from!" - Jen
"I have been purchasing these scents for a few years now and absolutely love them. It's so hard to choose a favorite as there are so many beautiful blends. If you want your space to smell Devine I would strongly recommend you invest in these products, you won't be disappointed. - Nick
"The fragrance from the candles is amazing. I am a long time candle fan, and now I have tried them, nothing else is good enough and I pray that people don't buy me candles as gifts if they don't come from here. So great I am going to stock them in our own store in Brisbane."- Deb
'The elegant presentation of each candles is beautiful and they burn so beautifully. I have one beside the bath now and it is so much better than the other ones I have had in the past (which was from a well known candle store) as the other one I had use to burn black smoke which was very unpleasant and kind of spoilt the moment of relaxation totally. Your candle just shimmers and smells beautiful!" - Anon 
"I love the service this business offers. I received my candles quickly and they are absolutely beautiful. You can tell that the candles are made with care. I will definitely be ordering from Angel Sent again." - Leanne 
"I only use Angel Sent candles and other household scented products in our house. They are natural and just smell heavenly. The quality is excellent and there are always new products being released. For a healthy non toxic alternative to a wonderful smelling house, you won't find a better product anywhere." Schnoodlelady